Indoctrinating our Kids with International Walk to School Day?

Posted in Left & Liberals, Miami by americatimes on October 10, 2007
Hialeah participated in the International Walk to School Day on October 3, 2007:
Cuba is also participating in the International Walk to School Day
From the International Walk to School – Official Website: ●

Elementary School Camilo Cienfuegos in Puerto Padre, Las Tunas, Cuba

Elementary School in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
What is the International Walk to School Day?
(From their official site: ●, or ●

International Walk to School is more than just getting together with children and going for a walk to school as a special event. This is certainly important, but the event’s greater aim is to bring forth permanent change in communities across the globe. Below are just a few of its goals:

Encourage physical activity by teaching children the skills to walk safely, how to identify safe routes to school, and the benefits of walking

* Raise awareness of how walkable a community is and where improvements can be made
* Raise concern for the environment
* Reduce crime and take back neighborhoods for people on foot
* Reduce traffic congestion, pollution, and speed near schools
* Share valuable time with local community leaders, parents, and children

Let’s look beyond their noble smokescreens
Their second goal is to “raise concern for the environment” (in other words: to inculcate our kids with man-made global warming) and to “reduce traffic congestion, pollution” (we know how much environmentalists hate our cars and the freedom they give us). One question remains, what will they do with the criminals, pedophiles, and drug dealers on the streets? Oh, yes, they say that by walking to school, they will “reduce crime.” According to them, these types of events also provide “valuable time with local community leaders” which means a great opportunity for politicians to impress future voters and to slowly take away parental responsibility.

Pushing Global Warming
They recommend these Classroom Activities on their site ●

California’s Lesson Plans:

Environmental Lesson Plans
Family Mouse Behind the Wheel (Grades K-2) is a fable with an environmental message. When the forest creatures vote to develop their home in the name of progress they wind up in gridlock. They learn their lesson though, and abandon their automobiles in favor of preserving their forest home in it’s natural state. Download the pdf.


Greenhouse in a Bottle (Grades 5 and 6) is a hands on science project or can be set up as a demonstration. Students work in teams to simulate the earth’s environment; doing a comparison and contrast of a pre and post-greenhouse atmosphere. After the class sets up the experiment, while waiting for the results, we have an opportunity to discuss how cars and non-renewable energy affects the environment. Download the pdf.


UPDATE – The 2008 Miami event
The media promote the International Walk to School day but they fail to mention the environmentalist brainwashing.
Article: International Walk To School Day Promotes Exercise, Safety
UPDATE – The 2010 Miami event
Miami School Board members and Hialeah Mayor led the kids. Note how they have adopted the international organization’s logo (“iwalk” with the green and blue globe) on their newsletters.

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