Raul Martinez Convicted in 1991 of Extorting Money from Developers

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Raul Martinez’s Criminal Case

New York Times reports briefly on Raul Martinez’s criminal case but it failed to mention that the conviction was overturned due to misconduct by jurors and flawed jury instructions. The Times also fails to provide the video showing Martinez punching a young protester. (scroll down for video)

Mr. Martinez, meanwhile, has been labeled a criminal.

He was, in fact, convicted in 1991 of extorting money from developers while he was mayor of Hialeah. The conviction was overturned on appeal, and two retrials ended with hung juries. But Lincoln Diaz-Balart has made sure the cases are not forgotten. At a debate this month, he said, “I’ve never embarrassed our community with a corruption scandal, and I think that’s a very important ingredient to keep in mind.”

One of his campaign’s television advertisements also calls Mr. Martinez “horrifying,” with quotes from testimony in the trials and grainy video of a man who appears to be Mr. Martinez punching someone. Mr. Martinez has run attack advertisements too, including one that accuses his opponent of accepting a suitcase of cash from an indicted Puerto Rican politician. Mr. Diaz-Balart’s Web site calls it “a proven LIE,” after telling The Miami Herald that he received only $400 from the politician’s family in 2006. In an interview, Mr. Martinez said the nastiness was driven by Republicans in an effort to distract voters from the economy.


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Here is the video showing then Hialeah mayor Raul Martinez punching a young protester in 1999:

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