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Posted in Economy, People, People - Barack Obama by americatimes on December 13, 2008

COSTS: Bailouts vs. Wars 

Bailouts (Jan. 2008 – Sept. 2008)…….$1.5 Trillion (estimated)

Iraq War cost (2003 – 2008)……………$648 Billion


PIÑATA-CAR (AKA Auto Bailout)

Why the U.S. Automakers Failed



Get quick facts about Obama’s team.


JONESTOWN MASSACRE – Another Failed Socialistic Utopia

Jim Jones was a Marxist.  He rejected the Bible.  He and his followers left their bank assets to the Communist Party.  He left audio tapes and letters to prove all this. 


THANKSGIVING – As Written by the Pilgrims

Read the Mayflower Compact of 1620 as written by the Pilgrims’ Governor.  The Pilgrims’ journals are full of references to God.  They gave thanks to God.  They used Capitalism to succeed.


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