CHE GUEVARA: What you don’t know

Posted in Communists, Left & Liberals by americatimes on December 17, 2008


Would you wear a Hitler T-Shirt?


“We’re rightly horrified by fascist murderers like Hitler,”
“Why aren’t we also horrified by communist killers?”

● Hated artists, so how is it possible that artists still today support the image of Che Guevara?
● Enforced aesthetic and political conformity.
● Sought to ban rock and roll and jazz.
● Ordered the execution of many people with no trial
● Served as Castro’s chief executioner, presiding over the infamous La Cabana prison
● Killing innocents earned him the nickname—the Butcher of La Cabana.
● Idolized Mao’s violence

Communism Killed 100 Million People!
Victims of Che Guevara
Victims of communism
Where to buy a Che-Cuba flag
Exposing the Real CHE GUEVARA….and the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him
video: Castro’s Killings
video: Death by Firing Squad in 1959 Cuba (**for adults only)


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