TEST YOUR BIAS: Meet Rush Limbaugh

Posted in Conservatives by americatimes on March 2, 2009


video: Rush's speech - 2/28/09

video: Rush speech - 2/28/09

1. Clear your mind from preconceived ideas about Rush.
2. Watch Rush’s speech.
3. Refrain from judgment.
4. Check your heartbeat.
5. After you watch the whole video, decide if you agree with him.
This is not about hating or loving him.
Do you understand his point of view? Do you agree?
6. Research any topics he mentioned that you did not know about.
7. Remember, you are free to listen, he is free to speak.


Was Rush correct about Vice-President Joe Biden’s cluelessness?

“Call me if you want help” “What’s the website NUMBER?”

Was Rush correct about Joe Biden’s bigotry?

Indians at 7-11s From a slave state “Obama is bright & CLEAN”

Was Rush correct about Obama Administration is all about control?

Biden on how the Obama Administration will bully Governors to take the Stimulus money:

And in other places well just use the television, the radio and the media to embarrass them for not doing what their supposed to do


Rush’s teleprompter joke
These videos show how Obama can’t speak without a teleprompter.
Reading a teleprompter does not equal eloquence.

Obama & Biden gaffe machines Obama: tongue-tied, incoherent, liar

More Obama Gaffes
Obama Unplugged
Obama tongue-tied.

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● Rush talked about the Leftist tactic of destroying reputations:
CNN: Rush Limbaugh Represents the “Angry White Man”

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