UGLY…the new beautiful in the Age of Obama

Posted in Left & Liberals, Media, People, Photos by americatimes on May 1, 2009

People Magazine lists among World’s 100 Most “Beautiful” People:

Obama’s Wife Michelle Obama (?)

Michelle Obama bhowifemichelle1
bhowifemichelle3b2 bhowife1c


Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel (?)

bhoemanuel3 bhoemanuel14
bhoemanuel10 bhoemanuel5
OBAMA/ bhoemanuel13

Obama’s Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (?)

Tim Geithner bhogeithner15

Michelle Obama sports $540 sneakers to volunteer at Feeding America!
Rap Sheet: Tim Geithner
Why Geithner was selected by People Magazine
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CNN’s Alina Cho Gushes Over ‘Style Icon’ Michelle Obama
CNN Airs Sympathetic Report on Latest Michael Moore Project
CNN Plays Up Michelle Obama, Omits Her Past Words About America
More Obama Adulation on CNN, This Time Over Michelle
Obama’s choices: Another beauty on the way?
Frugal Shoe Friday!


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