Environmentalist for Miami Beach Commissioner?

Posted in Left & Liberals, Miami by americatimes on November 12, 2009


Board member of the environmentalist group:

The Urban Environment League (UEL)
-Redfern served as VP of Operations (2006-2008)

What’s their mission?
According to their site: “The mission of the UEL is to support environmentally responsible development…in urban Miami-Dade county by using advocacy, action, education and engagement in governmental planning and political processes.”

The UEL is proud of Redfern:
Environmentalists on the UEL board:
Another global-warming board members is John Van Leer who is a member of the Miami-Dade County Climate Change Task Force; has campaigned for carbon dioxide reductions; is also on the Board of the Urban Environment League with interests in mass transportation, renewable energy and green building; spearheaded construction of a system of safe bicycle paths along the Rickenbacker Causeway requiring an additional lane on all three bridges; is co-advisor to “Living the Green Life” student organization, etc.
Member of Miami Beach Democratic Club

– Redfern served as the Program Committee Chair (2006-2007)
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