Video: Raul Martinez, Hialeah Mayor, Assaults Cuban protester (Flashback 1999)

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Hialeah Mayor, Protester Mix It Up At Traffic Blockade

The Miami Herald
July 1, 1999, page 12

Hialeah Mayor Raul Martinez took his reputation as a hands-on mayor to the streets early Wednesday, pummeling a young butcher who was blocking traffic on the Palmetto Expressway.
Both the mayor, weighing in at 6-3, 255 pounds, and the protester, 150-pound, 5-10 Ernesto Mirabal, say the other guy swung first. Martinez emerged the champion of the roadside bout. He landed a left and at least five right uppercuts as police officers jumped Mirabal, leaving the protester bleary-eyed and spitting blood. The fight video played all day on news stations.
Still undecided: the battle of public opinion.

Radio hosts Hank Goldberg – who once claimed that Martinez hit him – and Neil Rogers cheered the mayor for taking on an annoying traffic blocker.

But opinion was a lot less positive among the people who really count for Martinez – Cuban Americans. Hialeah is Miami-Dade’s most Cuban city and a natural source of support for the traffic blockades that tied up commuters Tuesday.

“This is an abuse of power,” said electrician Francisco Rodriguez, 57, standing outside Chico’s Restaurant on West 12th Avenue. “Martinez is a magnificent mayor, but on this occasion I don’t think he acted properly.”
More than 400 people gathered on the Palmetto on Tuesday night to protest the Coast Guard’s treatment of six Cuban rafters, blocking the northbound lanes at Northwest 103rd Street for about four hours. The protest turned into a battle after 2 a.m. Seven people were arrested.

Another Year in Miami: A Review of 1999

The Miami Herald
January 2, 2000

Mayor Raul Martinez leads the charge to create Hialeah county, a battle temporarily sidetracked by an actual brawl. During a traffic-blocking protest, the burly mayor pummels slender butcher Ernesto Mirabal – landing a left and at least five right uppercuts as police officers also jump Mirabal. Prosecutors drop charges against Mirabal after news videos prove he didn’t start it.

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