Norman Braman Talks about Candidates for Miami Mayor (CBS Miami)

Posted in Miami by americatimes on April 9, 2011
Norman Braman interviewed by CBS4’s anchor Eliott Rodriguez (MIAMI, April 8, 2011):
Although Braman is not endorsing any candidate, he commented on some of the candidates. He also talked about his proposal to reform Miami-Dade county:
Alex Penelas would be “a disaster”
“I think Alex Penelas when he was mayor he was responsible…he built the cornerstone for the problems this community has today,” Braman said.

“This Alex Penelas issue that you are talking about has been concocted by various commissioners who want to deprive people again of the opportunity to vote for a new mayor that’s why Alex Penelas’ name comes up.”

Former Hialeah Mayor Raul Martinez
“Raul Martinez is not a candidate for mayor…”

Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina
“I commend Mayor Robaina. Mayor Robaina was faced with the same type of financial problems Carlos Alvarez that was faced with. Mayor Robaina did not increase taxes on the people of Hialeah. He cut expenses there; he balanced his budget without having to inflict pain on the people out there.”

Eliot Rodriguez asked Braman about Robaina’s alleged relationship with a convicted “Ponzi schemer [Luis Felipe Perez] where he and his family gave $750,000 to a Ponzi schemer?”

Braman answered, “I don’t think that anyone who is a victim of a Ponzi schemer is necessarily a guilty person himself. Unfortunately, Eliott as you know, I was a victim of Bernard Madoff. That doesn’t make me an accomplice to what Bernard Madoff did.” 

Commissioner Carlos Gimenez
“Commissioner Gimenez has been on the right side of the issues during his time as commissioner.” 

Former State Rep. Marcelo Llorente
“I don’t know Marcelo Llorente very well, but I met him couple of times. He’s an impressive young man,” Braman said.

Braman also spoke about his proposal. Eliot Rodriguez summarized it like this:

Braman wants 8-year term limits effect retroactively. He also wants to reduce the size of the commission from 13 to 9 members with two commissioners elected countywide instead of from single member districts. He also wants to pay commissioners a full-time salary in exchange for no outside employment and bans on lobbying after they leave office. Commissioners have adopted a plan that calls for 12-year term limits, eliminating the strong mayor form of government and a two-year ban on lobbying.


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