Farid Khavari – A Politician After All

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Khavari Claims he is No Politician but his Facebook Page Contradicts him

Farid Khavari has a new Facebook page now that he is running for mayor in Miami-Dade county. Last year he lost the Florida gubernatorial race where he initially ran as a Democrat candidate and then switched to “Independent” when he saw that Alex Sink was going to get the Democrat nomination. This was a pure political tactic. Now he is in Miami claiming he is no politician, but people can still see the real Khavari despite all the smokescreen.

UPDATE: On his Facebook page, Khavari identifies himself as ‘Politician’ – as indicated by the red arrow below:

UPDATE: Khavari’s Stupid Logo with the Downward Arrow

Does the green line pointing down mean Khavari will take the Miami economy further south?
Economists are supposed to know the importance of graphs and charts. This is either stupid or a Freudian slip.

UPDATE: Khavari Agrees with Lifting the Cuban Embargo

On his website, Khavari already assumes the embargo on Cuba will be lifted – that means he agrees with that idea. Cubans in Miami will not be happy with a candidate trying to benefit the Castro regime. But that is not all – Khavari is not worried about the Cuban people suffering on the island under the communist boot. No. Khavari is worried about the environment in Cuba!!!

Here is what Khavari wrote on his website: “As the embargo is lifted from Cuba, many of our neighbors need to have gained the knowledge of a better way, so that they can help their land of heritage make the transition to the modern world without damaging their precious and sensitive eco-system. One of most pristine remaining ecosystems in the Northern hemisphere, a world treasure worthy of protection.

I envision Miami Dade as the innovative capital of the US, that supplies Cuba with their needed products & Services to make this transition.”

Here is a screengrab from Khavari’s website: (Click the images to enlarge them)
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