Red Revolution Sugarcoated with Green

Posted in Left & Liberals, Miami by americatimes on May 1, 2011
Americans love their cars. But socialists, who want to control everything, detest the freedom the automobile has given to Americans. That is why socialists have dressed up as environmentalist crusaders to “fight global warming and save the world.”

The environmentalist latest target: Cars. They want Americans to stop using their cars. They want Americans to use their bikes not only for leisure but as the main mode of transportation to go to work, to school, to the market, etc. These eco-socialists dream of America adopting the Chinese-Marxist model where government is Big Papa who controls everything and leaves citizens with very few options: Obey, ride bicycles or depend on mass transportation, and work the land or wherever Big Papa tells you. A citizenry preoccupied all day in trying to fulfill basic needs is the ultimate dream of socialists, because tired and weak people do not have energies or time to rebel. Is this the progress socialists have been offering?

The environmentalist philosophy: No cars = Paradise.

Environmentalists have aggressively pushed their GREEN agenda (with the help of the EPA) that many companies and cities have decided to go along instead of fighting them. Government officials in Miami-Dade County have embraced the Green Revolution despite all the evidence showing that global warming is based on manipulated data (i.e., ClimateGate). Cities are spending millions on a hoax.

But bullies like the environmentalists do not care. They continue their march. They want people to think that by riding their bikes they can save the world. Pure arrogance!

These environmentalists promulgate the idea that bicycling is the silver bullet to fix societal problems.

There you have DecoBike, a new bike rental company in Miami Beach, promoting their bikes as the “future of transportation that could cure obesity and global warming…”

And what does Miami Beach’s bike-bully Gabrielle Redfern say: “And every person who is on a DecoBike is not in a car.’’

That’s all they care: Americans not using their cars.

Beware of the Green Revolution bullies. Challenge their Machiavellian enviro-Statism (see WSJ link below). And keep in mind…there is a reason why many bike-activists use green on their logos and promotional documents.






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