Bike Activist for County Mayor?

Posted in Left & Liberals, Miami, People by americatimes on May 9, 2011
Mayor Redfern?
By Lee Molloy, April 29, 2011

…local political activist and member of the Miami Beach Design Review Board Gabrielle Redfern, who has been campaigning for environmental issues such as bicycle lanes in the city for more than a decade. (…)

Redfern says cities have to create more tax revenue-producing measures for themselves, but admits it will be a challenge, due to the fact that some cities rely almost entirely on property tax revenues to function. Tough choices will have to be made, such as making “substantial changes to the size and scope of our component obligations, like Jackson Memorial Hospital and the Ryder Trauma Center,” she says. (…)

“The largest trouble with transit is that too few people use it and so few people that use it pay for it. This plan would attract more riders of choice to help pay for the system,” Redfern says. “Public transportation may not pay for itself in my lifetime, but there is no excuse to not change the paradigm in the future by making it more useable today.”

It is, however, obvious that Redfern’s main focus is the environment.

“Fixing public transportation is good for our environment. Making our cities more livable is good for the environment,” she says, as is “building for the future and taking into account the resources we need for safe and well-performing infrastructure such as water and sewer services.”

Finally though, Redfern is aware that it is the economy that grabs the public’s attention.
“Making Miami-Dade County shine, releasing her from the bondage of corruption, malfeasance and politically-based incompetence does good for the environment and also for the economy,” Redfern said. “We must take every opportunity to improve our economy.”

The Beatles and the Bandshell
North Shore Bandshell Park Design Comes up For Board Review
By Lee Molloy, Nov. 5, 2011

Gabrielle Redfern had concerns regarding the design. The first being the location of the bicycle racks and their design — which is different from that found in most of the city. She pointed out that one of the major advantages of riding a bicycle is getting ‘rock star’ parking.“There really needs to be bicycle racks near the entrances of the bandshell that don’t obstruct pedestrians,” Redfern said, arguing that, if convenient racks were not provided, people would just lock their bikes to any available nearby tree or post anyway. “We want to encourage people to come on their bicycles,” she said.
The other bone of contention is the planned demolition of what Cary described as “for lack of a better term, a public art bus shelter.”

Redfern says that the shelter is “an integral part of the North Beach fabric.”

Redfern Member of Environmentalist Group
Gabrielle Redfern at environmentalist meeting with Green Mobility Network.

Photo caption:

Sizing up the options
At Green Mobility Network’s visioning session in May 2010, Alexander Adams, white shirt, and (clockwise) Tom Blazejack, Eli Stiers, Olga Cano and Gabrielle Redfern discuss political action.”

Here is the screengrab:

Environmentalists Working Together
See Bikers’ Green Revolution
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