Cubans Upset with Robocalls Attacking Robaina

Posted in Miami by americatimes on May 28, 2011
It seems that some voters have been getting these robocalls:
(Audio: ● 

We aren’t Hialeah. Nor do we want to be. Hialeah mayor and millionaire developer Julio Robaina wants us to trust him. He wants to be mayor. We can’t trust Hialeah’s Robaina. Irresponsible development, traffic congestion and noise, backroom deals and illegal gambling — is that what we want in our neighborhood? Of course not. We aren’t Hialeah. Nor do we want to be. Let’s stop Hialeah’s Robaina from importing his brand of shady politics to our neighborhood. Let’s stop career politician Robaina.

This past week some Cubans have been calling Spanish-language radio stations claiming these robocalls are racists – they feel the calls are attacking Cubans.  But if you listen carefully to the audio, the word “Cuban” is never mentioned. The calls refer to Mayor Julio Robaina’s negative impact on the City of Hialeah – that is, illegal gambling, backroom deals, etc.   Can you criticize the impact of a politician’s work on a city without being called racist?

Some people believe it is the camp of mayoral candidate Carlos Gimenez (who is Cuban-American) behind these robocalls. Others think it is a tactic of Robaina’s camp to attract voters by whipping basic human emotions.

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