Carlos Gimenez’s Endorsements for Mayor

Posted in Miami, People by americatimes on June 19, 2011
According to Carlos Gimenez’s website as Miami Dade Mayor candidate

ENDORSED BY: Former mayoral candidates Marcelo Llorente, Jeffrey Lampert, and Gabrielle Redfern, The Miami Herald,,, Kendall Federation PAC, SAVE Dade Action PAC, CVA PAC, Caribbean-American Politically Active Citizens (CPAC), Metro-Dade Firefighters Local 1403, Unity Coalition, Roll Back Tolls, Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc. Florida East Coast Chapter.


Marcelo Llorente: a RINO (Republican In Name Only) who ran unsuccessfully for Miami-Dade candidate in 2011.

Jeffrey Lampert: a pro-union firefighter who ran unsuccessfully for Miami-Dade candidate in 2011.

Gabrielle Redfern: a leftist environmentalist disguised as bike activist who ran unsuccessfully for Miami-Dade candidate in 2011.

Miami Herald: a leftist newspaper.

SAVE Dade Action PAC: a leftist group promoting the supremacy of the gay life.

CVA PAC: a pro-Muslim group. On their facebook page, Center for Voter Advocacy (CVA) say they “support issues that are of importance to underrepresented communities, with specific focus on South Asian, Arab and Muslim Americans.” (

“Emerge USA began as the Center for Voter Advocacy (CVA) in 2006,” according to Emerge USA facebook page.

CVA’s director and islamic radicals
Khurrum Wahid is director of both groups (Emerge USA and CVA PAC) according to the Florida Dept. of State.
CVA’s Corporation Documents
CVA Articles of Incorporation (PDF) (

Emerge USA’s Corporation Documents
Emerge USA’s 2011 Annual Report (

Link to radical islamics? reported about “Kharrum Wahid of CVA-PAC and Emerge USA and their ties to CAIR/HAMAS” and the “MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD FRONT GROUPS like the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) which is designated as a Co-Conspirator in the largest terrorism case in U.S. History.”
Khurrum Wahid, a South Florida attorney, defended Ahmed Omar Abu Ali who was “sentenced to 30 years in prison for joining al-Qaeda and conspiracy to assassinate U.S. President George W. Bush.”
(LIFE magazine, March 29, 2006:

Meeting with leftists

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