Obama is watching you online. Big Brother alert!

Posted in Left & Liberals, People - Barack Obama by americatimes on March 18, 2012
American Thinker
March 17, 2012
By Ed Lasky

Big  Brother Obama is watching you on-line despite his claims to want to protect your  privacy.

Dave  Levinthal of Politico reports on Team Obama’s vast efforts to tap people’s  on-line behavior to gin up votes and money for his campaign :

President Barack Obama wants companies like Google  and Facebook  to reform their privacy practices.

But  that’s not stopping his  reelection campaign from tapping the rich data Internet companies hold  on millions of potential voters.

Obama  for America has already invested millions of dollars in sophisticated Internet  messaging, marketing and fundraising  efforts that rely on personal data sometimes offered up voluntarily – like posts  on a Facebook page- but sometimes not.

And  according to a campaign official and former Obama staffer, the campaign’s  Chicago-based headquarters has built a centralized digital database of  information about millions of potential Obama  voters. (…)

… [Obama]  has two faces.

One  face says what many people want to hear. His other face does the exact opposite  in order to benefit Barack Obama.

He  wants to capture the young and libertarian-minded people by loudly broadcasting  his desire to protect their privacy on-line, while he commands his campaign to  spend millions of dollars to snoop on them for campaign  purposes. (…)

To  add one more level of hypocrisy to Obama’s snooping, he has been trumpeting his  concern for on-line privacy and introduced a Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights  that he intends to use as the foundation for future legislation. However, if it  is enacted, there is a loophole: it would not apply to political  campaigns.
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