GOP David Rivera Hurt by Redistricting

Posted in Elections, Florida, Miami by americatimes on November 9, 2012

Changes in district helped lead to Rep. David Rivera’s defeat

The Miami Herald
Posted on Wed, Nov. 07, 2012
By Scott Hiaasen and Patricia Mazzei

…Rivera, a Republican, lost his congressional seat in an 11-point loss to Democrat Joe Garcia, whom Rivera had beaten to win the seat in 2010. Rivera has been hounded by criminal investigations [touted by the Miami Herald, but still nothing has been proven] since before he took office, hobbling his once-formidable fundraising and leaving him adrift in his own party.


Rivera also may have been undone in part by a changing climate in his own congressional district, which was redrawn by the Legislature earlier this year. The new district, which stretches from Sweetwater through the southwestern suburbs of Miami-Dade to the Keys, is not as heavily Republican as the district that Rivera won in 2010. And a late Democratic voter registration push by the Obama campaign made the district even more difficult to hold.

Between June 1 and Nov. 1, more than 8,600 new Democratic voters in Miami-Dade were added to the district, outpacing new GOP voters, records show. Democrats now have a slight registration advantage in the district.


Rivera carried most of the precincts in the Sweetwater area, while Garcia won in much of Kendall and the Homestead area. In one Richmond Heights precinct, Garcia received 938 votes, compared to just 32 for Rivera. Garcia also carried Monroe County.


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