BFF Best Friends Forever – Alex Penelas, Raul Martinez, and Manny Diaz

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Leftists (disguised as Democrats) Raul Martinez, Manny Diaz, and Alex Penelas in 2002.


Raul Martinez Spits and Yells Obscenities to Political Rival (1993 Flashback of Former Hialeah Mayor)

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Who is former Hialeah Mayor Raul Martinez? In 1993, these were the news about Raul Martinez:
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Mud is flying in Hialeah’s mayoral horse race : Despite the fact that he is a convicted felon, Raul Martinez is favored to win reelection in no-holds-barred contest

Los Angeles Times

When Raul Martinez was reelected to his third term as Hialeah mayor in 1989, he had just been indicted on federal charges of racketeering and extortion. He still won 53% of the vote.

Now, with another mayoral election just days away, Martinez is a convicted felon running for reelection as the city’s suspended mayor who soon may have to serve a 10-year prison sentence. But he is still expected to win.

“What it means is that people are saying: ‘This guy was framed,’ ” said Martinez, 44, commenting on polls that show him well ahead of four challengers. “No one has ever doubted my management abilities. People might say: ‘Maybe he did something outside of government, but he never neglected the city.’ ”

Outside of southern Florida, Hialeah is best-known as the site of one of the country’s premier horse racing venues, a lushly landscaped park where flocks of pink flamingos circle the infield as thoroughbreds circle the track.

But closer to home, in the greater Miami area, Hialeah is known as a blue-collar town where the only thing rougher than the pot-holed streets is the politics. In the last two weeks, Martinez’s opponents have circulated a flyer that features the suspended mayor’s FBI mug shot under the words, in Spanish, “Convicted felon.” Days after the flyer first appeared, Martinez and one of his rivals met at a Miami radio station, where they reportedly exchanged obscenities and spat in each other’s faces.

“I’ve never seen politics like this in my life,” said Hugh Cochran, a civic activist who helped found a Hialeah citizens’ group. “Screaming at council meetings, chanting, fights in the corridor. Is this the image of government in this country, the democratic ideal? I think not.”

To understand Hialeah, Martinez and local politics, it is perhaps necessary to know something of local history–both here and in Cuba.

Founded as a cattle ranch in 1909, Hialeah remained a small town until after World War II, when longtime mayor Henry Milander used tax breaks to turn the city into a manufacturing center.

But the real boom was provided by Fidel Castro. After the revolution in 1959, waves of exiles from Cuba were drawn to Hialeah by affordable housing and plenty of jobs in textiles and dozens of other small industries. Today, Hialeah is Florida’s fifth largest city, with a population of 203,000, 90% of whom are Latino. Most are Cuban.

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Raul Martinez Strikes Radio Host (1998 Flashback of Former Hialeah Mayor)

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Who is former Hialeah Mayor Raul Martinez? In 1998, these were the news about Raul Martinez:
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Goldberg Says Mayor Hit Him

Palm Beach Post, 1998

Frustrations resulting from the betting breakdown Saturday at Hialeah Park produced a shouting match between Raul Martinez, the mayor of Hialeah, and a Miami radio sports talk show host.

Hank Goldberg, of WQAM radio and a horse race commentator for ESPN, said Martinez struck him in the throat during the argument. “It was not really a punch,” said Goldberg.”He just brushed me.”

“I didn’t hit him,” responded Martinez , a member of the track’s board of directors. “I did call him a slob.”

Following the shutdown of the track betting machines in the fifth race, Goldberg said he went to the track’s Director’s Room because he had been told he could place a bet there.

Unable to bet, he said to Martinez , “They should put this place mercifully to sleep.”

“Why don’t you get out of here?” Martinez said to Goldberg. An exchange of shouts followed.

“He definitely swung at me,” said the radio announcer. “He made contact. I wasn’t going to fight with him. He would have beat me up. He is a moose.”

– John Crittenden

SunSentinel report of the same incident:

Goldberg, Mayor Face Off

March 22, 1998|By DAVE JOSEPH Staff Writer

Along with all the problems Hialeah experienced with its tote system and track, another developed Saturday afternoon when radio talk show host Hank Goldberg got into an altercation in the track’s Directors Room with Hialeah Mayor Raul Martinez.

Goldberg, disappointed that he couldn’t wager when the AutoTote system crashed, turned around after leaving the window and said, “They ought to put this place mercifully to sleep.”

This is where the versions differ.

“[Martinez) said if you don’t like it, get the bleep out of here,” Goldberg said.

Goldberg said he asked if Martinez was going to throw him out and added, “Give it your best shot.”

Martinez then allegedly lunged.

“He grazed me,” said Goldberg, who said Post Time USA publisher Gene Stevens helped separate the two. “Definitely, he swung at me.”

Martinez said he never touched Goldberg.

“Hank comes in here bad-mouthing the place,” Martinez said. “My comment to him was if he doesn’t like the place, he doesn’t have to come back. How can you blame anyone on computers going down?”

When told Goldberg had said Martinez had hit him, the mayor replied: “I’m not going to hit him. I didn’t touch him. I called him a slob.”

Goldberg, who hosts a show on WQAM (560-AM), said he had witnesses and called Martinez a liar.

When asked if he would pursue the matter, Goldberg said, “Only on my talk show.”

– Palm Beach Post, 1998
– SunSentinel, March 22, 1998:
– Babalu: