Occupy Wall Street – Photos

Posted in Left & Liberals by americatimes on October 4, 2011
A demonstrator dressed as a “corporate zombie” takes part in an Occupy Wall Street protest in lower Manhattan, New York – October 3, 2011. (Reuters)
Liberty Square, New York – October 3, 2011.
Anti-capitalist flag with the word “war” and corporate logos. (AP)
Protester carrying Hitler sign. Members of Occupy Wall Street gather in Zuccotti Park before marching to the Brooklyn Bridge, New York – October 1, 2011. (Getty)
Anarchist zombies marching against Wall Street and the “rich”, New York – October 3, 2011. (Getty/AFP/E.Dunand)
‘Eat the Rich’ sign at ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest in New York – October 2, 2011. (Washington Examiner)
“Eat the Rich” signs

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Obama releases photo of Air Force One that terrorized New York

Posted in People - Barack Obama, Photos by americatimes on May 8, 2009

Obama’s DHS calls us terrorists, but he sent his plane to create mass panic.
On top of that we will have to pay minimum $357,000 for this terror mission.

Obama terror photo Air Force One
What would have you done if you see this above you?

Will we ever know what was the real agenda behind all this?