Florida Rep. Julio Robaina Supports Crist’s Veto of Teachers Pay Bill

Posted in Ambiguous, Florida, Left & Liberals by americatimes on April 16, 2010
Note how the “neutral” Miami Herald provides a hymn of praises for Charlie Crist instead of reporting the event with facts.
The Herald fails to mention one argument in favor of the bill trying to reform the education system in Florida. Instead they give it the adjective of “controversial” — which is code word for anything that liberals do not agree with. Florida spends millions and millions of dollars for education and the kids are not learning. Why liberals oppose any reform to Florida’s education system? How can Republican State Rep. Julio Robaina (not to be confused with Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina) and Miami-Dade schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho be happy with Governor Charlie Crist’s veto of the teacher pay bill?

Gov. Crist gets hero’s welcome at Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High

Miami Herald
Posted on Fri, Apr. 16, 2010

Gov. Charlie Crist sauntered into a North Miami high school on Friday to a rock star’s welcome.
Students cheered and waved homemade signs and banners.

Teachers rose to their feet.

Crist received even more fanfare than Alonzo and Tracy Mourning, the school’s namesakes who had also come to campus that morning for a previously planned dedication ceremony.

A day earlier, the governor had vetoed a controversial teacher pay bill, breaking ranks with the Republican Party and winning the support of teachers and parents across the state.

The bill would have tied teacher pay to students’ learning gains rather than years of experience and training.

“You did it, my friend,” said North Miami Mayor Andre Pierre. “You are a hero to our schools.”

Inside the school’s auditorium, which doubles as a cafeteria, Crist was introduced by Miami-Dade schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho, who praised the governor for fighting “the culture of disrespect of the teaching profession.”

“Profiles in courage are written when things are bad, when doors are closed,” Carvalho said.

The audience of teachers, administrators, parent volunteers and students stood up, clapped and cheered when Crist took the stage.

Twenty students appeared behind him, carrying signs thanking the governor for his action. The largest was on yellow poster paper and had to be carried by three students.

Written in large red letters: “The Teachers’ Governor Crist.”

Crist relished the moment, smiling frequently and kissing his wife, Carole. “I might get detention,” he quipped.

Crist reiterated why he had vetoed the bill.

“There were good parts to it,” he said. “Rewarding merit is a good thing to do, but it’s got to be done right.”


The audience included a bevy of elected officials, each of whom weighed in on Crist’s decision.

“It’s a happy day in Florida,” said state Rep. Julio Robaina, a Miami Republican who was one of 11 lawmakers in the House to vote against the bill.

Even the guests of honor voiced their opinion.

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